Dominican Dog

Priory Saint?

I was working on adding the little graphic of St Dominic last night and remembered how Father Michael was always asking about my dogs. I think he secretly would have loved to have had a dog. He’d never had any pets growing up other than a very Catholic goldfish-( he once described how, as a child, he’d celebrated the funeral Mass for this fish).

I recalled emailing Father  Michael this picture to cheer him up last December. I wrote the subject as “I think you and the St. Pius brothers need a dog like this!” The next day I saw a return email , written at 4 am :

“You sure do know how to make an insomniac laugh! I am sitting here hooting as I look at that dog on the cupboard and realize what it would be like if we really had one. It would be constant bedlam!”

Father Michael had the most wonderful sense of humor about everything; I’m missing that today.