Garment for the Banquet

Soul Skirt?
Soul Skirt?

So today I’m stray­ing from Father Michael sto­ries, but stick­ing with the over­all ‘lit­tle things’ theme on this blog. Lent has me think­ing about some unique devo­tions.…

The Singing Nun’s Dominique was all the rage in 1963. I was in eighth grade and the Adri­an Domini­cans who taught at my school would play that song and have us fol­low along with the Eng­lish trans­la­tion. No, no one spoke or under­stood the French-but hey, it was about St Dominic! Maybe we would mirac­u­lous­ly learn French from it, if we lis­tened often enough.

 Those sis­ters prac­ti­cal­ly wore that record out! I cer­tain­ly was curi­ous about it. And my dad had bought the album, so I lis­tened to the whole thing at home, fol­low­ing again, the trans­la­tion.

I grew fond of all the songs, real­ly. But the one that has stuck with me from the first time I heard it(and read it)  is Mets ton Jolie Jupon — in Eng­lish– Put on Your Pret­ty Skirt. And it stuck with me very appro­pri­ate­ly. At 13, as I read­ied myself for Mass on Sun­day,  there it was, play­ing in my head in French, but with my full under­stand­ing . For me it was a prepa­ra­tion for Eucharist; one that was sim­ple but sin­cere-and musi­cal. Even all these years lat­er, the words and melody  always come back to me before church- they are ingrained. What a per­fect way to think about dress­ing up our souls for the lenten jour­ney.

Here is the Eng­lish trans­la­tion and also an audio of that song:

Put on your pret­ty skirt my soul
We have a date, we have a date
Put on your pret­ty skirt my soul
The Lord you love is wait­ing for you

In the ear­ly morn­ing hours
When the dew is on the rose
A small gift of Your love
And I am sat­is­fied!

When noon is full of won­der
It’s a joy to be alive
I feel gold­en in the sun
of a friend­ship close and warm

Among the twi­light stars
When You are all around
You make me fall asleep
In the peace of your arms.