Dominican Dog

Priory Saint?

I was work­ing on adding the lit­tle graph­ic of St Dominic last night and remem­bered how Father Michael was always ask­ing about my dogs. I think he secret­ly would have loved to have had a dog. He’d nev­er had any pets grow­ing up oth­er than a very Catholic gold­fish-( he once described how, as a child, he’d cel­e­brat­ed the funer­al Mass for this fish).

I recalled email­ing Father  Michael this pic­ture to cheer him up last Decem­ber. I wrote the sub­ject as “I think you and the St. Pius broth­ers need a dog like this!” The next day I saw a return email , writ­ten at 4 am :

You sure do know how to make an insom­ni­ac laugh! I am sit­ting here hoot­ing as I look at that dog on the cup­board and real­ize what it would be like if we real­ly had one. It would be con­stant bed­lam!”

Father Michael had the most won­der­ful sense of humor about every­thing; I’m miss­ing that today.