The Beauty Continues…..


It’s the last day of 2015-and I’ve been neglecting this blog, mostly because I’ve been busy and tired- always good excuses. But I don’t want to skip a posting in any month. I feel an obligation toward the blog, a true commitment. I also need to continue my  writing about Father Michael.

This blog has given me a sense of power. It has been influential on so many people-some expressing so much in their silence…..Others are happily supportive and complimentary.  Some openly disapproving. I appreciate them all. And I look forward to another year of creating and sharing beauty on this blog.  No, it’s not yet time for me to shut up about Father Michael and just act grateful.

2016 , here I come, a little slower, a little weaker, but ready to carry on. I promise.

Here is a link to a great article about gratitude and grief from Tim Lawrence :