A Simple Song

Feel­ing nos­tal­gic today.  In the ‘70s , I often lis­tened to Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”. I became very fond of sev­er­al of the songs. “A Sim­ple Song” is so love­ly; it is my favorite. I liked it so much that I chose to have it sung as part of my wed­ding Mass. It’s one of those songs that reg­u­lar­ly goes through my mind every oth­er day or so. It is like an ‘ongo­ing prayer’ for me. The say­ing goes “He who sings, prays twice”. The beau­ty of the song makes that so easy!

When Father Michael was bat­tling his can­cer, he often spoke of his dif­fi­cul­ty in sleep­ing. He’d tell me he’d been up at three or four in the morn­ing, unable to feel any peace or relax. Some­times I’d wake up, usu­al­ly about 3:30 am and just feel that Father M was also awake. I would text him then, most times with some of the love­ly words of this song with its ori­gin in the Psalms. I often wished I could have some­how com­mu­ni­cat­ed the song itself to Father Michael. I know he would have found it sooth­ing to hear. It was so appro­pri­ate for Father Michael.….Blessed is the man who loves the Lord…and walks in His ways.

We are so blessed to have our holy priests.

This ver­sion of the song is from a 1981 revival of “Mass”. Enjoy!