One Who Seeks, Finds

Cel­e­brat­ing my birth­day today. I’m remem­ber­ing fond­ly that Father Michael char­ac­ter­ized me as a seek­er. I was com­pli­ment­ed, though I nev­er quite under­stood exact­ly what he meant. So often I thought the whole key to what I might be seek­ing was just some­thing inde­fin­able in Father’s holy soul-some­thing that was right before me always,yet elu­sive . There was the grace of God, yes, but also some­thing unique in Father M’s per­son­al­i­ty, per­haps his upbring­ing, his edu­ca­tion, his adven­tures in the world—something that tru­ly set him apart. I was con­vinced that I need­ed to ques­tion him about how his life had unfold­ed and what led him to the Lord. I thought I would find this great answer that would be an inspi­ra­tion for my life. Well, it was like pulling teeth.….worse.Father Michael loved to talk, but not so much about him­self, par­tic­u­lar­ly his past. So I’m still won­der­ing, still try­ing to put togeth­er the mea­ger pieces he revealed. I’m try­ing to find…but I’m still a seek­er.….

Soooooooo, I’m indulging myself today.….going to the casi­no! Father Michael would have been so excit­ed for me! Also, as a treat, I’m putting love­ly Alan­na Boudreau’s song “Soli­tudes” on here . She is so full of faith and writes such thought­ful, beau­ti­ful songs. Her blog is also very well writ­ten; check it out: