A Simple Song

Feeling nostalgic today.  In the ’70s , I often listened to Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”. I became very fond of several of the songs. “A Simple Song” is so lovely; it is my favorite. I liked it so much that I chose to have it sung as part of my wedding Mass. It’s one of those songs that regularly goes through my mind every other day or so. It is like an ‘ongoing prayer’ for me. The saying goes “He who sings, prays twice”. The beauty of the song makes that so easy!

When Father Michael was battling his cancer, he often spoke of his difficulty in sleeping. He’d tell me he’d been up at three or four in the morning, unable to feel any peace or relax. Sometimes I’d wake up, usually about 3:30 am and just feel that Father M was also awake. I would text him then, most times with some of the lovely words of this song with its origin in the Psalms. I often wished I could have somehow communicated the song itself to Father Michael. I know he would have found it soothing to hear. It was so appropriate for Father Michael…..Blessed is the man who loves the Lord…and walks in His ways.

We are so blessed to have our holy priests.

This version of the song is from a 1981 revival of “Mass”. Enjoy!