largeThis site has been in existence nearly a year and I have never written an ‘about’ introduction for it. Well, the page will continue to be live for some time-with some changes and additions….so here, at last, is my ‘about’ page.

In 2010, I began attending church at my registered parish, St Vincent Ferrer, after quite a long absence.  There I encountered Father Michael Kyte O.P. who was simply an extraordinary man and a holy priest. I got to know Father Michael well as he fought his battle with cancer. It was an inspiring and humbling experience to be present to him on his cancer journey. After Father Michael’s death, the parish began publishing folks’ anecdotes and personal stories of Father Michael in the bulletin. I participated, but afterward felt that I could have said so much more. I felt also that my fellow parishioners might welcome a chance to be a little more expansive with their stories.

So the purpose of this blog was to share what I knew of Father Michael. I trusted that others who loved him would contribute more stories and comments, that we might even have discussions. And I am still hopeful about that -as telling true experiences is one way we can keep a real sense of the kind of priest Father Michael was. If one really knew Father Michael, one could not just ‘let him go’.

I knew Father Michael for approximately two years. My experiences are very limited compared to many others’. I still have additional stories that I can relay on this blog. But now I also have some reflections, musings, if you will, that I would like to write about. Most of these are faith or church-centered or have developed out of some contemplation. Nothing profound. Some have tenuous Father Michael connections, but there are some directly tied to him. Father’s great influence on me is a given.

So I am going to start writing about some of these things, tagging and categorizing them as ‘musings’. I will still continue with the Father Michael stories – which will be categorized ‘Father Michael’.

If you have been ‘on the fence’, hesitating about questioning or contributing to this blog, please contact me. I will respect your contribution and your privacy. But it IS imperative that we continue to share Father Michael as we knew him. His legacy as a person and priest is so much more than his name on a parish hall!

~~~~~~~ 4/13/2015

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