Oh Happy Day !


Leap-for-JoyJuly 6, 2015 is the day I’m celebrating. My niece Emily delivered a healthy baby boy that afternoon. Mother, baby and…… father (!) are doing just fine. New life is always a miracle and meant to be celebrated, but this one is a very special gift. My niece has MS and there were many worries prior to the pregnancy. MS meds had to be suspended; risks abounded. And no one knows how the disease may change for Emily post partum. But God is good, as Father Michael would remind us! And I am grateful and so hopeful that “all will be well”.

As you may know, Father Michael had a special place for Emily in his prayer intentions. He prayed for her as soon as she was diagnosed and throughout her treatments, even as he suffered through his own ‘malady’.Even  after his death I know Father continued to watch over Emily from Heaven. So this was a very calm and peaceful pregnancy. I know Father M will happily continue to keep an eye on this new family.

On a much more earthbound note, I finished the THIRD afghan for this little baby on June 25. I washed it on the ‘hand wash’ cycle of my machine. It came out perfect. I debated about taking a chance on the (demon) dryer. My brain is sing-songing “oh you of little faith” and reminding me of faith moving mountains. My common sense is saying “nice that you remember the quotes and stories, but the Lord appreciates it when you’re not stupid.”  So I skipped the dryer and hung the blanket draped between two hangers. It took two days to dry.

Finally, late Saturday morning I packed up the afghan. My husband took it to the post office, sent it Priority Mail, two day delivery -but not guaranteed. $15, but worth it, right? It was insured and due to get to Connecticut on Monday. Good deal!  Sunday I checked the tracking; the package was still in Illinois. I checked on Monday, supposedly the delivery date. “Arrived at Las Vegas, NV @1:18 am”.  Oh no-I was dreading that the next update would say ‘out for delivery’. But no, late that evening, the tracking said “departed Las Vegas NV”. No word then until July 1. The package got to Springfield MA! I began to be hopeful that it just might make it to Connecticut- maybe even the following day. Well, it did make it to Connecticut on the 2nd of July. But it went to another town on the 3rd, then finally to the correct town and a front porch delivery!!!!! Took a full seven days. I just can’t say enough about Priority Mail.

So just thought I’d catch you up on the news. But I’ve got some musings and some more Father Michael memories coming up soon.

Remember Father Rivers’ Mass from the ’60s?  I do, fondly. Seems appropriate for a happy day:

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