Devil in the Dryer ?

9-1Gone for over a month-and I come back with such silli­ness. That’s fine, I need a break from the seri­ous stuff !

In a way , this is still a seri­ous mat­ter. My niece, who has MS, is about to become a moth­er. The baby, a lit­tle boy, is due to arrive on July 11. There was a baby show­er in ear­ly April. I had cro­cheted a beau­ti­ful mul­ti­col­ored afghan in fluffy yarn for the baby. The after­noon before the show­er, as is my cus­tom, I decid­ed to wash and dry the afghan. I have a dog and a cat and I just think it is cour­te­ous to wash the gift item, so it will be free of ani­mal hair. Also, fab­ric soft­en­er lends a nice scent.

Now I’ve done many, many baby blan­kets with this fluffy yarn, washed them with no prob­lem. The yarn label states “machine wash­able and dryable”. But that evening in April, I removed the afghan from the dry­er and was stunned. First, it had stretched to about one and a half times its cor­rect size. As a result of this, all the stitch­es were loose and stringy-look­ing. Then the beau­ti­ful col­ors had lost their inten­si­ty because they were so spread apart. It looked dingy. The yarn, which nor­mal­ly is nub­by and irreg­u­lar in a cozy way, turned wispy and ragged. I was so upset!

Luck­i­ly, I had stopped at a local shop and picked up a few lit­tle extras for the baby ear­li­er that day. Those became my main gift at the show­er. I wrote a note to my niece explain­ing what had hap­pened. And I said anoth­er afghan would be forth­com­ing.

I real­ly want­ed to do the same pat­tern, but decid­ed I should choose a dif­fer­ent one- but using the same nor­mal­ly love­ly yarn. I had to order some more yarn. A week lat­er it arrived and I was anx­ious to get start­ed.  But then I became very ill and my arms ached so much, I was not able to do a darn thing! After three weeks, I felt bet­ter  and I final­ly was able to start the blan­ket. I com­plet­ed it in three days; I was very pleased with how it turned out.

So again, I decid­ed to wash the blan­ket. I actu­al­ly prayed as I placed it in my wash­er on the “del­i­cate” cycle with luke­warm water. I left out the fab­ric soft­en­er. Lat­er I held my breath as I removed the blan­ket from the wash­er. It looked just fine! I was so hap­py. I put it in the dry­er with a big fluffy tow­el to help pre­vent any pilling. And I added a fab­ric soft­en­er sheet.…..and I think that was my mis­take.

Twen­ty min­utes lat­er, I pulled out anoth­er rag­gy, beat-up afghan. My heart sank. I was beside myself. I could have cried, but I also was angry. It had to have been either the fab­ric soft­en­er sheet or the dry­er itself. As I said ear­li­er, I’ve washed this yarn before — with­out a prob­lem. I’ve used fab­ric soft­en­er every time. So, maybe it was just the dryer.….I am tempt­ed to call it the demon­ic dry­er. Found the per­fect pic­ture to illus­trate this-haha. I’d show you pic­tures of the two hideous afghans, but I think most peo­ple would have a hard time believ­ing they were ever pret­ty.

So now I have start­ed again. Same yarn,different pat­tern. I’ve actu­al­ly chuck­led see­ing reviews of the yarn stat­ing “wash­es and dries like a dream”. More like a night­mare!!! I find the pos­si­bil­i­ty of fac­ing the same dry­er expe­ri­ence scary. But maybe the third time will be the charm. And hey, it’s a Mys­ti­cal num­ber!   My niece is wait­ing, prob­a­bly think­ing she will get noth­ing from me. I am so irked that my lack of a gift comes across as dis­cour­tesy, when real­ly it has been com­plete­ly demor­al­iz­ing for me. Plus there is the fact of all the work involved, going down the drain. Yes, it is work I love to do , but work nonethe­less!

Say a prayer for me!

Patience gains all things”- Tere­sa de Ávi­la

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