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Soul Skirt?
Soul Skirt?

So today I’m straying from Father Michael stories, but sticking with the overall ‘little things’ theme on this blog. Lent has me thinking about some unique devotions….

The Singing Nun’s Dominique was all the rage in 1963. I was in eighth grade and the Adrian Dominicans who taught at my school would play that song and have us follow along with the English translation. No, no one spoke or understood the French-but hey, it was about St Dominic! Maybe we would miraculously learn French from it, if we listened often enough.

 Those sisters practically wore that record out! I certainly was curious about it. And my dad had bought the album, so I listened to the whole thing at home, following again, the translation.

I grew fond of all the songs, really. But the one that has stuck with me from the first time I heard it(and read it)  is Mets ton Jolie Jupon — in English– Put on Your Pretty Skirt. And it stuck with me very appropriately. At 13, as I readied myself for Mass on Sunday,  there it was, playing in my head in French, but with my full understanding . For me it was a preparation for Eucharist; one that was simple but sincere-and musical. Even all these years later, the words and melody  always come back to me before church- they are ingrained. What a perfect way to think about dressing up our souls for the lenten journey.

Here is the English translation and also an audio of that song:

Put on your pretty skirt my soul
We have a date, we have a date
Put on your pretty skirt my soul
The Lord you love is waiting for you

In the early morning hours
When the dew is on the rose
A small gift of Your love
And I am satisfied!

When noon is full of wonder
It’s a joy to be alive
I feel golden in the sun
of a friendship close and warm

Among the twilight stars
When You are all around
You make me fall asleep
In the peace of your arms.

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