One Who Seeks, Finds

Celebrating my birthday today. I’m remembering fondly that Father Michael characterized me as a seeker. I was complimented, though I never quite understood exactly what he meant. So often I thought the whole key to what I might be seeking was just something indefinable in Father’s holy soul-something that was right before me always,yet elusive . There was the grace of God, yes, but also something unique in Father M’s personality, perhaps his upbringing, his education, his adventures in the world—something that truly set him apart. I was convinced that I needed to question him about how his life had unfolded and what led him to the Lord. I thought I would find this great answer that would be an inspiration for my life. Well, it was like pulling teeth…..worse.Father Michael loved to talk, but not so much about himself, particularly his past. So I’m still wondering, still trying to put together the meager pieces he revealed. I’m trying to find…but I’m still a seeker…..

Soooooooo, I’m indulging myself today…..going to the casino! Father Michael would have been so excited for me! Also, as a treat, I’m putting lovely Alanna Boudreau’s song “Solitudes” on here . She is so full of faith and writes such thoughtful, beautiful songs. Her blog is also very well written; check it out:

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