”I Do Will It”

The Leper by Ron DiCianni

So often this past year, I talked to Father Michael about Jesus ‘ healing of the leper, the story where the leper approaches the Lord with a mannerly “Lord , if you wish, you can make me clean.” And Jesus, stretching out His hand and touching the man, replies “I do will it. Be made clean”. There was just something about that statement that spoke to me. I’d read and re-read the words “I do will it” and they were what eventually convinced me that Father Michael would be healed.

It turned out this was the gospel of the Mass on the very first day that Father Michael received chemotherapy. I saw that as a most hopeful sign! I constantly returned to “I do will it” for inspiration as Father M’s journey progressed. I remember Father Michael’s healing service so well. Father Michael told us all that no matter what happened to him , there would be a healing. I know Father Michael is healed according to God’s will. Father Michael is at peace. The rest of us are still a healing in progress, some further along than others. It will take time. Father Michael is irreplaceable, a treasure.

I often read Alden Solovy’s website http://tobendlight.com .His prayers are wonderful, simple yet full of meaning. Today Solovy’s prayer for healing brought back the feeling of intense fervor, the excitement of hope–and the peace of praying for Father Michael. I’m sharing it because it touched me so much today. Perhaps someone needs it:

Simple Prayer for Healing
G-d, grant Your healing power
To all in need,
Those whom I know,
______________ [list names],
And those unknown to me.

G-d, grant Your comfort and consolation
To all who grieve,
Those whom I know,
______________ [list names],
And those unknown to me.

Blessed are You, Adonai our G-d,
Ruler of the universe,
Who lifts up the fallen.

© 2014 Alden Solovy and http://tobendlight.com All rights reserved.

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